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Boost Revenue & Agent Productivity

For Business Owners, General Managers, Vice Presidents and/or Directors of Operations:

If you’re looking to increase sales, customer satisfaction, and efficiency all at once, this FREE webinar is a great starting point.

​Step #1 is to understand how successful contact centres are set up and managed.

Step #2 is to demonstrate how a cloud contact centre will allow you to operate the same way.

Tune in and learn…


- At least 2 ways to increase revenue.
- At least 2 ways to uncover annual savings.
- How successful contact centres operate
- The difference between costs of cloud contact centres vs. those with traditional office telephone systems.


Get a FREE copy of the definitive book about call centre management – just for attending! 30 MINUTES THAT COULD CHANGE HOW YOU MANAGE YOUR OPERATIONS FOREVER…


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Oct 12, 2017 @ 12:30 - 13:00

Attend and receive a free copy of Call Centers for Dummies

- The authors have helped over 60 companies improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their call center operations.

-Offers comprehensive guidance for call centers of all sizes, from 20-person operations to multinational businesses

* Does not apply if your company has previously received a copy from NuVoxx

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